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Our goal is to share with you the wonders of our country which experienced travelers from all over the world have claimed to be heaven on earth.

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Hindukush Karakorum Jeep Safari Trek

The Karakorum Highway was opened for official traffic at the 1st of May 1986. It is called "Wonder of Genies". The highway is 1260 km long and is crossing Pakistani regions of Kohistan, Gilgit and Hunza. After passing the 4733 m Kunjerabpass it leads to the width of the Chinese Pamir. We are driving on a part of this crazy road. Along the old Silk route we can enjoy the beautiful region of Hunza. This unique oasis is surrounded by huge mountains and icy breaks which are changing their colors with different site of the sun. The excursion to Swat and Chitral will give the opportunity to get in touch with the different cultures of North Pakistan.

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KKH Jeep Safari

On this safari we traverse, almost, all of the western Himalaya and Hindukush Range driving and walking, along some splendid areas of Karakoram. We also have magnificent views of the naked mountain, Nanga Parbat (8125m), Rakaposhi(7788m), Diran (7327m), Golden Peak (7027m), Ultar Sar (7388m), and Trichmir (7706m), the highest of Hindukush.

This is a combination of different adventures, through the Valleys of the legendary Hunza, and the black Kalash. The trip is unforgetable for its beauty, and the people with rich cultural background.

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Cholistan Jeep And Camel Safari

The legendary Cholistan desert extends over 1700 square kilometers right into the Thar Desert of Rajasthan, India. The whole area is a desolate semi-desert expanse of sand and salt bushes.

According to archeologists, the key to the mysteries of the ancient Indus civilization lies buried in the sands of Cholistan. 400 archeological sites have been discovered, but only few are yet excavated.

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Balochistan Jeep Safari

Balochistan is a land of contrast. It has places with rugged mountains and plains stretching hundreds of miles. It has fertile land and tracks, which are thirsty for centuries. One could think that it resembles the surface of the moon.

Balochistan is the largest province of Pakistan but only 4% of Pakistan’s population is living in this part and most of them stay in and around Quetta, the capital of the province.

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